I have been away a while….

So, it is no secret I struggle with chronic illness. I am working my way back from a health setback. So I haven’t posted in months and I miss not just my little blog but all of my usual activities. The things that bring you joy and fill your days tend to go on the…


Such a simple gift that puts a smile on your face and touches your heart. What is it about flowers that is so universally appealing? 

Apple Crumble Cake

Apple crumble cake that can be made gluten free with a couple of simple substitutions. Delicious and perfect for the domestically challenged.

Retro 1950’s Christmas Pudding (with Gluten free option)

Channel your inner 1950’s housewife with this decadent, yet traditional recipe as made by my beautiful Grandmother. It may look a little more complicated to make than my usual recipes, but that is the way of retro cooking. Trust me it is worth the extra preparation time.

Raspberry Iced Tea (with or without vodka)

The perfect cool, festive drink for the scorching heat of a Queensland Christmas. A wonderful iced tea that can be elevated to a cocktail jug with a splash of vodka.

Upsidedown Orange Cake – Gluten Free

A moist and delicious gluten free, orange upside down cake. It does not contain a lot of flour so it lends itself well to the gluten free substitutions.